Our Services

Editing Rates

Proofreading/Copy Editing – $1.00/pg (based on standard 250 words/page)

  • Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.
  • Look out for overlooked inconsistencies throughout the manuscript.
  • The focus is on ensuring proper use of the English language.
  • This should be the last line of defense in editing – a final run-through before publishing.

Line Editing – $1.75/pg (based on standard 250 words/page)

  • Look out for issues such as run-on sentences, redundant language, and confusing phrasing that takes away from the work’s purpose or readability.
  • May suggest more dynamic or precise vocabulary to strengthen the writing.
  • Help with clarification by asking any questions that the intended audience may have during or after reading the manuscript – identifying and confusing or missing information that may take away from the overall read.
  • The focus is on the use of language and its impact on the reader.

Developmental Editing – $2.50/page (based on standard 250 words/page)

  •  Identifies any plots holes, issues with character development, and/or slow points during the read.
  • Critiques the overall organization and flow of the manuscript – are the chapters in the right order? Is there any vital information missing throughout?
  • The focus is on the ‘big picture’ to strengthen the entire manuscript – think of it as a way of ‘coaching’ you through the creative and organizational development of your manuscript.


Marketing & Publicity Assistance

Basic Social Media Marketing Campaign – $30
(Advertising Across Social Media Platforms via Taking Shape and editor’s personal accounts)
Advanced Social Media Marketing Campaign – $60
(Basic Level plus… Help find & coordinate reviewers, contact Social Media representatives, manage contests)


Please Note: All rates are open to negotiation and may change depending on the amount of work that needs to be done on a project.